‘To support and encourage members to develop their skills and personality as part of achieving their full potential’


A Brief History:

Aqua Therapy In The Lagoon

Aqua Therapy In The Lagoon

The Creative Centre was established in 2001 as a life skills programme that catered for adults with an impairment. Volunteers carried out work one evening a week until funding was available for a permanent service to be developed.

In 2002, the Rarotonga Disability Committee who was then responsible for overseeing the centre, further developed the service and obtained funding through NZAid and the Ministry of Health for permanent staff to be employed. We now have 5 full time, 1 Part time and 2 volunteer support staff.

In 2003, the Cook Islands Creative Centre Trust was established and the new board set about further developing the Centre to what it is today. On April 2008, the Centre was Registered as a Private School. Under the MOE.

Below are our three main areas of Priority.
1. Greater Community participation
2. Realistic Employment Opportunities
3. Links to Education qualifications[/text_output][image type=”none” float=”none” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover” src=”6675″][text_output]

Our Students

At the moment there are 17 students attending the Creative Centre.

All students have a goal plan which outlines what they wish to achieve, how that is to be done, who is to do it and when it will be done. A daily programme operates from the time of arrival until departure with students having the ability to vary the programme to suit there own needs and interests. All students are actively involved in our daily programme and all attend our social and community outings.

Those students that require extra support with selfcare activities are treated with respect and understanding and records are kept of all care activities.

We have art classes like painting and music, cultural lessons for maori, history and dance, and also literacy and maths programmes. These all contribute to our students ability to contribute to the wider community and to develop independence and confidence. The focus is on relevant practical life skills that will add to students quality of life.

We also make pareus, craft items, pottery, and other items for the shop. The skills learnt with these activities will help our students in their desire to find employment.[/text_output]