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If you wish to register with us, please ring or come down to the centre and make an appointment with one of our staff. Normally you must be 16 years and older of age and have a recognised impairment.
You decide how many days you want to attend but we encourage everyone to come everyday to enjoy the full benefits of what we have to offer.

Costs and Service:
Our service is entirely free including lunch and transport. We provide a professional service, and a safe and healthy environment for all our Members, Staff and Visitors alike.


PO BOX 3236
Cook Islands

We also Promote a Smoke Free Policy.
We provide you with a nutritious, healthy lunch, and transport to and from home to the centre each day if you wish.

Our commitment to Families:
We will inform families of all the activities their rela-tive is involved with and any changes that are made to their personal plan. We will respect the families Privacy and Confidentiality at all times.
If you are not happy with anything involving your relative, please talk to the Centre Coordinator in the first instance. If you are not satisfied with the out-come, you have the right to make a complaint to our Board of Trustees or to the Cook Islands Disability Council at any time.