Creative Centre benefits from thanksgiving service

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Creative Centre benefits from thanksgiving service

Students at the Creative Centre received a lunchtime visit yesterday from Religious Advisory Council president Pastor Eliu Eliu, who dropped in to make a generous donation.

Pastor Eliu handed over a cheque worth $1048.90 – the amount raised at a thanksgiving service held by the Religious Advisory Council (RAC) in mid-April to mark the end of cyclone season.

The RAC holds two national prayer services each year, one to pray for blessing at the start of cyclone season and one to give thanks at the end.

Money donated during the services is always gifted to a charitable organisation and the RAC chose the Creative Centre this time.

“We’re just happy they’re here to offer a better experience for those out there struggling because of disabilities. We appreciate what they’re doing to add meaning to these people’s lives,” Pastor Eliu said.

What the Creative Centre does is an example of faith in action, he said.

“It’s not what you say, it’s what you do.”

Creative Centre manager Rodger Harkness said every donation his organisation receives is a huge help.

“It’s really important to us that we get these donations.”

The Creative Centre in Tupapa is a registered private school for adults with impairments.

It receives funding from the Ministry of Education to cover staff costs but relies on private donations to pay for everything else.

Ongoing costs include transporting students to and from the Centre, providing meals and covering electricity bills.

Harkness said he would love to hear from anyone in the corporate sector who would be willing to make regular donations to the Centre.