Donation arrives at ‘perfect time’ for Creative Centre staff and students

Donation arrives at ‘perfect time’ for Creative Centre staff and students

Creative centre’s adult students, staff and volunteers will be enjoying their newly refurbished veranda by the end of this week all thanks to CITC Building Centre and Rotary Club of Rarotonga.

Creative Centre principal Rodger Harkness says rebuilding the veranda into a practical work and recreational space has been a dire need for some time.

“The veranda will give us more work space for pareu making as well being a great place to eat or perform,” says Harkness.

On hot or rainy days the veranda cannot be used, but renovations to the veranda will create an additional work space for the adult students.

CITC building centre supplied all the materials and the Rotary club agreed to fund the building project by employing Keta Williams who is heading the project.

Roger Harkness would also like to extend appreciation to the Disability Society who made a generous donation to support the work of the Creative Centre.

Harkness says the donation “came at a time when our cash flow was getting tight.”

The Creative Centre also hosted a quiz night fundraiser which was a success.

The Creative Centre’s final and upcoming event will be held on December 7 by the beach in Betela. The event will be a family fun day featuring local musicians and other activities organised for families and children.

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