Kind pair gift a pool

Kind pair gift a pool

An act of kindness by two local businesswomen has seen an 11-year-old Rarotonga boy get the best birthday present he could have wished for.

The early gift, a swimming pool, was given to 11-year-old Issac Vaipapa on Monday, February 16 by local businesswomen Tina Daley and Moana Matapo of Courtyard Cafe, Cooks Corner.

Both Isaac and his mother Jenny, were overwhelmed when they heard that the kind-hearted pair had given Isaac a pool.

“When we heard about it we could not believe it,” says Jenny. “It’s exactly what Isaac needs. He is always happy in the water, and it will be a huge tool for helping to develop his coordination.”

Isaac has a condition which has not been formally diagnosed but includes signs of possible autism. He is currently enrolled with Papaaroa College and is an active member of their Inclusive Education programme. The programme partially sponsors a weekly four-day activity plan with the Creative Centre in Tupapa, and Jenny says it has been a major contributor to Isaac’s progress.

The Vaipapa family would like to thank Tina and Moana their generosity, and for the reminder that it truly does take a community to raise a child