Stallions give $500 to Creative Centre

Stallions give $500 to Creative Centre

Members of the Creative Centre were thrilled to receive $500 from the Teimurimotia Stallions rugby sevens team yesterday.


The donation, which was presented during a small ceremony at the school for adults with disabilities, was part of $5000 raised by the Stallions during a night market on Friday.

The Titikaveka-based team raised money via food stalls and an auction in their village at the Youth with a Mission headquarters. The auction, for which tickets were $2, included various items from bed sheets to push bikes that were donated for the cause by families and friends of the team.

Last year, the Stallions donated money to the Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon fund and to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

This year, team president Charlie Hosking said the breast cancer cause is receiving funding from other sources, and opted not to be included. Marketing director for the Stallions Mau Tou had heard about the Creative Centre’s struggles to find funding, and decided the school would be a good place to put the funds.

The Stallions donated 10 per cent of their fundraising haul to the Creative Centre, and the same amount to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

A cheque for $200 was also given to Youth with a Mission director Paulo Moala, to say meitaki maata for the use of their headquarters for the night market.

In recognition of their support of the Creative Centre and the Prostate Cancer Foundation, the Stallions will be launching a new uniform next month – which they unveiled first to members of the Creative Centre last week. The current uniform features colours representing the Prostate Cancer Foundation (blue) and the breast cancer cause (pink). The new uniform will feature yellow rather than pink, to represent the Creative Centre.

The Stallions will also be holding a raffle this Saturday, with a return trip to the 7s in Rarotonga plus accommodation for overseas-based fans, or a trip to New Zealand or Australia with $500 spending money for locals. Tickets are $20.

Those interested in purchasing raffle tickets can contact Charlie Hosking on 74148. The draw will be held on September 21 at the police station.