Sweat and grit at Tumuora crossfit challenge

crossfit challenge cook islands

Sweat and grit at Tumuora crossfit challenge

First timers and experienced Crossfit athletes sweated out a storm yesterday afternoon showing true grit through two tough

corporate crossfit challenge

Ziona Tutai impressed onlookers with his show of strength as he gave everything in the tank during the corporate crossfit challenge yesterday with wife Tashi.

workouts and soaring temperatures.

Members of Rarotonga’s very own crossfit club – Tumuora Fit Club Cook Islands in Arorangi – along with first timers gathered opposite the Banana Court for a show of mental and physical strength.

A curious crowd gathered to watch the group of health enthusiasts showcase the sport of Crossfit, spiced up as a corporate challenge, to raise funds for the Creative Centre.

Two workout challenges were laid out for the two-person teams starting with beginners to the Crossfit sport, who put their backs into completing the challenging course which included squatting 30 times with a 25kg bag, lunging with the weight bag, skipping and weightlifting – to name a few of the challenges.

The spectators cheered on the challengers and looked on in awe as each competitor put on a fantastic show of strength and determination.

The event was all part of the Tropical Christmas build-up and a way to remind the community to think about your health this festive season.

At the Tumuora Fit Club, the team’s mission is to create and nurture healthy bodies and minds in the Cook Islands.

Run by Geoff Halston and Olivia Heather, the club is enjoying a steady growth in membership with some 50 followers hitting the Arorangi fit club to be challenged mentally and physically.

The team at Tumuora (strong life) strive to bring world class fitness to Cook Islanders, creating a fun, like-minded community of people young and old, who are dedicated to working hard, achieving results, and enjoying the best that life has to offer.

“We love what we do and we have a fun time doing it,” states the club’s Facebook page.

“When you stop by you can expect a warm welcome into the box (gym), you will see people training, pushing, sweating and laughing together, and you will see why this box is unlike any gym you have ever been to.”

As you prepare to get stuck into the Christmas ham and celebrate the festive season with your family, maybe think about setting a New Year resolution and joining the Crossfit revolution.

source: http://www.cookislandsnews.com/national/item/42613-sweat-and-grit-at-tumuora-crossfit-challenge