At the moment there are 17 students attending the Creative Centre.

All students have a goal plan which outlines what they wish to achieve, how that is to be done, who is to do it and when it will be done. A daily programme operates from the time of arrival until departure with students having the ability to vary the programme to suit there own needs and interests. All students are actively involved in our daily programme and all attend our social and community outings.

Those students that require extra support with self-care activities are treated with respect and understanding and records are kept of all care activities.

We have art classes like painting and music, cultural lessons for Maori, history and dance, and also literacy and maths programmes. These all contribute to our students ability to contribute to the wider community and to develop independence and confidence. The focus is on relevant practical life skills that will add to students quality of life.

We also make pareus, craft items, pottery, and other items for the shop. The skills learnt with these activities will help our students in their desire to find employment.IMG_3404

The following are also some of the daily programmes currently being offered at the Centre.

1. Transport – Using public transport
2. Cooking – Basic cooking skills
3. Job Search Skills – Vocational skills
4. Art/Exhibition – Art/photo framing
5. Embroidery – Learning patterns etc
6. Weaving and Platting – Making fans etc
7. Lend a Hand – Property maintenance
8. Fitness – Tramping, walking to keep fit
9. Communication – Building social confidence
10. Life Skills – For independent living
11. Canoeing – Basic canoeing techniques
12. Computers – Basic and advanced computer┬álessons
13. Pottery – Using all types of clay
14. Fabric Printing – Creating sarongs and pareus
15. One on one Support